Through the Immersion Program there are eight components that returning citizens have an opportunity to participate in. These components are not all-inclusive at each site, but provide a useful guide for participants, staff and volunteers.

1 Mentoring – offer guidance for newly released returning citizens

2 Employment – with guidance and assistance participants will be introduced to programs/employment to receive a livable wage. Participants will also have access to the SVdP Back2Work Program.

3 72 Hr. Transitional Programming – a three day plan created prior to release by the returning citizen in concert with staff/volunteer/mentor.

4 Community Partnerships – SVdP will be the convener to assess and identify the community resources that will be required for returning citizens to be successful.

5 Education ~ Vincentians/Volunteers – foster the growth of Vincentians/Volunteers in service by increasing their understanding of the life circumstances, needs, challenges and opportunities that tend to pertain to individuals reentering society from incarceration.

6 Education ~ Returning Citizens and their families/loved ones – classes and individualized coaching for participants and their loved ones included but not limited to coping strategies, employment skills, self-discovery and literacy (both financial and educational).

7 Advocacy – Ensuring that are participants are head on issues that are important to their success in returning to society.

8 Housing – Assist program participants to secure stable, sustainable and adequate shelter